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I Bought A Bike

I bought a bike. Not a real bike, but an upright stationary bike. I can barely manage to walk a straight line without tripping so I thought it best I not place myself on two wobbly rubber circles and wheel myself into traffic. The local hospitals are busy enough without my adding to their stress levels.

Here's how I bought my bike. I walked into Play It Again Sports, hopped on three different models for a total of about 30 seconds each, then pointed at one and said, "That'll do."

It was quite the freeing experience. I usually research, compare, and debate a decision to death. (Note the recent flat-iron purchasing experience. Which, btw, was a bust. The $38 iron I bought doesn't heat up enough or grab the hair tight enough so looks like another flat-iron buying expedition is in my future.) I didn't have the gumption to that with the bike. I don't like bikes. The less time I spend thinking about having to be on a bike, the happier I'll be.

They're delivering the bike on Monday, the same day they're coming to rid us forever of the home-gym-that-I-had-to-have-and-stopped-using-after-two-months. Goodbye, my friend. I shall miss dusting you.

So now that I have my running plan and my bike, I have to figure out how to schedule all these wonderful workouts. Here's what I have so far:

  • MONDAY - cross train / weights (trainer)
  • TUESDAY - track run
  • WEDNESDAY - cross train / weights (trainer)
  • THURSDAY - tempo run
  • FRIDAY - Off
  • SATURDAY - long run
  • SUNDAY - Off

That all looks good, except I still need to fit in yoga (a must to offset all the muscle work) and - ideally - I'd like to do one trail run a week. I love running trails and it's a skill set I don't want to lose. But where to fit it in? The running days are intense and the book I'm following strongly advocates for a recovery day between each run with non-impact cross-training. Since I'm gone all morning on Saturday already, I don't want to give up my Sunday time with Blair. That leaves Mondays. Which means I'd need to trail run, bike, and workout for an hour with trainer, all in one day. Not quite sure I posses that level of fitness motivation... But assuming I did, here's how the full schedule might look:

  • MONDAY - trail run/ cross train / weights (trainer)
  • TUESDAY - track run / yoga
  • WEDNESDAY - cross train / weights (trainer)
  • THURSDAY - tempo run / yoga
  • FRIDAY - Off
  • SATURDAY - long run
  • SUNDAY - Off

This could work. Blair's office starts summer hours this week so he'll be home on Fridays. Even though I'll still be working, it's a bonus not to have to drive into Greensboro and be home with him. Plus, I think I'll do better mentally knowing I have two days a week to relax and recover. 

I'm sure I'll tweak the schedule once I get into it. But Little Miss Anal-Retentive does better with a plan, so there it is. For the moment, I'm past the anxiety stage and have moved into excitement. That may end with the first track run and/or bike session. I'll have to work on motivating myself to get on the bike. Cash or dark chocolate might work.



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